Within the framework of the extension of his activities, Ammar Bey can manage, all or partially,
thematicals tours in Tunisia, Algeria and Libya, voluntarily limited to small groups in order to
preserve quality of human relationship.

For instance, in Tunisia : 
- an itinerant campsite can be set up with stages or bivouacs.
(Borj Cedria, Chott, Duirat, Hazoua, Jendouba, Mides, Rjimm, Sabria, Sidi Bouzid, Toujaan,
Tozeur, Zarzis, ...)
- or you defined your course and Ammar finds you lodging, catering and folk evenings. 
- or Ammar organizes a cultural course : archeological sites for example. 
- personalized raids can be organized on request :
Douz, El borma, grand erg oriental , Borj el khadra , ...

In Libya :
Erg Morzouk, Oubary, Rebiana, akakous crossing, rupestral sites, daoudas lakes
Adjdabia, Germa, Ghadames, Idri, Jalu, Kufra, Nalut, Sebra, Serdeles, Syrte, Tazerbo, Tripoli,
vulcano wan amous...

You will only find out right here one simple outline of the possibilities offered. 
To get more information, ask Ammar right away (whose competences in tourism are unanimously recognized)





El Faouar


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